Make Income tax payment and filing facilitative and minimize requirements focusing only on declaration of source of income.

All India Association of Industries(AIAI) is a premier Chamber of Commerce , an apex body  representing the trade, industry and employment since 1956 . AIAI is a think tank established to suggest government about remedial measures in the changing economic scenario.

This representation is in context to the recent Income Tax Policy Changes announced by CBDT. 

Mrs. Sangeeta Jain, Senior Director, All India Association of Industries, wish to suggest that the policy changes grievously outrage the personal space of the income tax over and above the required data by the Income Tax Dept. 

The outage of data over and above requirement will no doubt render the leakage of such personal data which is not required by the functionary and absolutely useless as a record. Thus, outraging the privacy of the individual tax payer.

What is of prime interest to the Income Tax department and was earlier in appropriate place is the,

1. declaration of sources of income  
2. syncing of AADHAR with PAN 
The above data is already being sought and is enough However, data in context to ,
1. House ownership
2. Passport
3. Cash deposit
4. Foreign travel
5. Electricity consumption

1. Is not only useless to the Income Tax department but which will be left in the official records for a probable leak.

2. The Income Tax department even in the present times is affected by paucity of staff and financial budget to set up IT infrastructure to manage not only the leakage of data but also analyze the data for reasons unknown thus unnecessarily increasing the workload of the department.

3. At the same time there is an immense issue of operational errors encountered due to incorrect data input and multitude of issues due to multiple data input combination. And may lead to errors in processing.

4. It becomes cumbersome to input data by the Income Tax payee especially in case of House and passport which are liable to be sold or expire . Cash deposit many a times is balanced by cash debit and if the same for a small amount it becomes even more a problem to trace the same among multiplicity of transactions in a bank account. 

Same is the problem with expense on foreign travel, which is a deeply a outrage of private space . Submission of electricity payments is more erratical then making any sense in its submission. 

Residents have many times received heightened electricity bills inspite of normal consumption. And in case of residents holding more than 2 flats have bills in one name , thus making it baseless for submission.

5. Moreover, in case of an entrepreneur, it happens that such personal information  is liable to be tagged with company information . And such personal data unjustifiably is tagged for any problems associated with the company. 

Further Mrs. Jain, says, it does not make any viable benefit for the Income Tax department or the income tax payee or extraordinarily facilitate payment of taxes.

The unnecessary seeking of data will harass and dissuade tax payers and will result in unfair practices.

The Income tax department should make prudent laws to ensure transparency in payment of taxes and facilitate the same instead of making cumbersome and regressive laws.