‘Make in India’ Programme

The Government has launched the ‘Make in India’ Programme to promote manufacturing in the country;

The “Make in India” initiative is based on four pillars, which have been identified to give boost to entrepreneurship in India, not only in manufacturing but also other sectors. The four pillars are:

(i)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>            New Processes: `Make in India` recognizes `ease of doing business` as the single most important factor to promote entrepreneurship. A number of initiatives have already been undertaken to ease business environment.

(ii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>          New Infrastructure: Government intends to develop industrial corridors and smart cities, create world class infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology and high-speed communication. Innovation and research activities are supported through a fast paced registration system and improved infrastructure for IPR registration. The requirement of skills for industry are to be identified and accordingly development of workforce to be taken up.

(iii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         New Sectors: FDI has been opened up in Defence Production, Insurance, Medical Devices,Construction and Railway infrastructure in a big way. Similarly FDI has been allowed in Insurance and Medical Devices.

(iv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>          New Mindset: In order to partner with industry in economic development of the country Government shall act as a facilitator and not a regulator.

Components of the initiative are equally available to all regions of the country.

The following sectors have been included in the ‘Make in India’ programme:

(i)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                 Auto Components

(ii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>               Automobiles

(iii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>             Aviation

(iv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>             Biotechnology

(v)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>               Chemicals

(vi)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>             Construction

(vii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>           Defence Manufacturing

(viii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Electrical Machinery

(ix)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>             Electronic System Design and Manufacturing

(x)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>               Food  Processing

(xi)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>             IT and BPM

(xii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>           Leather

(xiii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Media and Entertainment

(xiv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Mining

(xv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>           Oil and Gas

(xvi)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Pharmaceuticals

(xvii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Ports

(xviii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>     Railways

(xix)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Roads and Highways

(xx)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>           Renewable Energy

(xxi)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Space

(xxii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Textiles

(xxiii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>     Thermal Power

(xxiv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>     Tourism and Hospitality

(xxv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Wellness

An investor facilitation cell has been created under ‘Make in India’ Programme. So far this cell has handled 7100 queries from the investor and about 250 meetings have been convened by the cell with potential investors.

Other measures taken by the Government to boost manufacturing sector in the country as follows;

1.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  14 Government of India services has been integrated with online single window under e-Biz portal.

2.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  Creation of Investor Facilitation Cell in `Invest India` to assist, guide and handhold investors during the various phases of business life cycle.

3.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  Information on 25 sectors has been put up on `Make in India`s web portal (http://www.makeinindia.com) along with details of FDI Policy, National Manufacturing Policy, Intellectual Property Rights and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor and other National Industrial Corridors.

4.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  Ordinance has been issued to make land acquisition easier for important projects.

5.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  A number of items have been taken off the licensing requirement from  Defence products` list.Similarly, items of dual use have also been taken off the licensing requirement.

6.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>                  The Ministry of Labour and Employment has developed a unified Web Portal ‘Shram Suvidha`.This portal facilitates:

  1. Allotment of Unique Labour Identification Number (UN) to units;
  2. Filing of single self-certified online return for 16 labour laws;
  3. Random computerized inspections based on objective criteria;
  4. Reports to be uploaded by inspectors within 72 hours of inspection;

This information was given by the Minister of State (Independent Charge) in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.