AIAI welcomes Iran and world power provision nuclear deal

AIAI welcomes Iran and world power provision nuclear deal

United States and Iran — bitter foes for nearly 35 years the diplomats of the two nations have broken the ice by entering into a new phase to resolve the  political differences. For first time the world is talking ‘Iran.’ Iran and the super powers are now committed to resolve the long standing nuclear dispute which also heralds a new beginning for India and Iran ties. The two countries have been committed to a long standing friendship which has been impacted due to the international sanctions. The lifting of sanctions will augur well for the two nations. This also provides a boost to the trade between India and Iran said Mr. Vijay Kalantri, President, All India Association of Industries (AIAI).

This will augment Indian sectors such as healthcare, IT, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, food products, steel etc.

AIAI further states that the phase will also benefit Indian public as prices of crude oil and gas will certainly be cheaper. In the initial stages of the dialogue we have seen crude oil sunk below $48. This also brings us hope that the gas pipeline which is stalled since many years may see the light of the day. These positive developments will help us revive power projects, like the Dabhol Power plant in Maharashtra will be revived with the provision to receive uninterrupted gas at cheaper rates.

AIAI feels that already, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated efforts to boost the Indian economy and these developments will have positive impact on Indian economic rate of growth. The talks will also accelerate the Iranian economy towards greater heights and will benefit of the world as a whole.

Mr. Kalantri stressed that the recent provisional Agreement will also open up diplomatic relations which will ease doing business with Iran. Our commercial ties with Iran will receive further impetus in view of this nuclear deal and we foresee strengthening business opportunities, cultural ties and tourism through Chabahar Port/Free Trade Zone.