AIAI says Industry status for tourism is commendable

AIAI says Industry status for tourism is commendable

We welcome  the Government of Maharashtra’s new tourism policy, announcing ”industry status” for  tourism said Mr.  Vijay Kalantri, President All India Association of Industries (AIAI).

Also the government’s declaration to augment investments in tourism up to Rs 30,000 crore comes as a respite to the sector. At the same time the policy’s aspirations to focus on skill development will consequently enhance employment in the tourism sector.

Moreover its intention to boost medical tourism, nature tourism and agriculture tourism will act as a booster to the respective sectors

Mr. Kalantri is of the opinion that the Government’s proposal to exempt luxury tax, entertainment tax, electricity duty charges and stamp duty on investment on land owned by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is a huge incentive for the sector.

Its offer of additional incentives for tourism projects by women entrepreneurs, tourism projects by special people, and sustainable tourist projects is commendable.​